Dec 26, 2017
Silyon (All reviews)
What's the best thing after a stressful day at work? Unwinding with a bit of alcohol of course!
That's basically the gist of this little short called Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara. It's all about married couple Sora and Chisato enjoying their couple life by having Chi-chan get drunk.

It's a three minute short so you shouldn't expect much in the way of story, though the anime did surprise me by having, of all things, a two episode arc detailing the couple's first encounter. That was a nice touch the show decide to put at the end to give a bit more closure and also as a chance to have more cute moments with the two.
The entire show is built around these cute moments. Nothing really matters aside from these. Well, maybe aside from the drink recipe you're shown in every episode. If you feel like it you could probably make these drinks on your own since they're really simple, I however haven't tried it.

What else is there to say, really? The animation is below average, being mostly very still. The music may as well be non-existent and as mentioned above there's really no story to speak of.
What you see is what you get: a lovely, perfect couple and some drinks which make Chi-chan go all red and adorable.
I recommend watching this once a day, or once a week since it could get old watching what is essentially the same few story beats over and over again.
If you do decide to give this anime a try you'll find a relaxing three minute show that will make you wish you had a wife like Chi-chan or a husband like Sora and maybe also a cold drink in hand.