Dec 26, 2017
RayaTheImmortal (All reviews)
Randomly found this anime while I was browsing through the old ones (before the year 2000). While the art style seems to turn me off, I still give it a try because it also felt unique at the same time.

When I first started this anime, it felt so weird seeing that they all look like stick figures that just got a little bit more touch and all, but after a while I got use to it. It didn't take that long either for me to get hooked to this anime.

It's simply addicting, it is not cringeworthy to watch but maybe you will find it weird for how some characters talk, but that is their character. The story itself is funny, not too serious but at the same time, you can feel what they feel, they really bring out your emotions and suddenly feel empathy with this character. As you dig in through the anime, you will notice that they have a misunderstanding from the beginning, this makes us, the viewers, to continue watching further. Just to see how the story ends. While I may have issues how Mikako talks, but that goes the same for the older ones that I have watched as well.

This anime also teaches us some morals like, "Don't judge a book by its cover". Although we already know this so many times, this one emphasizes that more, like Mikako's friend Risa, who likes to wear goth clothes, it's actually kind-hearted person, or that the fact Jiro who looks like someone that does disco, is actually a gamer and a programmer.

Aside from their personalities, the way they used the music fits way too much. When I first started, I was surprised that they used an English song that pretty much fits the atmosphere. Think that was the one that got stuck with me the most, and I just couldn't wait to finish this anime.