May 31, 2010
Helsic (All reviews)
I like this manga becuase it was unexpected until the end.

When I started to read it, it begans as typical yaoi mangas, with two friends from childhood that fall in love... very predictable.

BUT, you start to read and you discover that there's a lot of background and the characters aren't just the tipical stereotypes in yaoi. I like the fact that the Uke of the relationship isn't common the over-girly weak uke. He is a strong boy even when his appereance is so delicate, he is a real 'man'.

Another interesting point is that the couple face familiar problems and wonders about their future together as a gay couple. Usually most of the yaoi mangas just develope the relationship between the main characters and is based in their love and passion, but in this story We have a big participation of their parents.

The main characters care about their families, what the parents would think about their relationship and how to face it.

The autor not only focuss in the main characters and their love but also in their problems with society and family.

This is not the kind of art I like. but I have to say after a while I got used to and I ended up loving Joojin manly appereance!.

I strongly recomend you to read this comic if you like realistic stories.