May 31, 2010
KoniraThax (All reviews)
This is possibly the greatest Tezuka work I have read to this point. With a collection of: Nextworld, Metropolis, Astro Boy, Kimba, Pheonix and many other excellent pieces, this one is by far the most grasping.

Not only does it go into the more serious darker under side of WWII, it also brings a certain heart and drama to both sides of that world. Tezuka became bold when he did this one, going into many elements many not dare touch. Though pushing the envelope into this more serious work, he still managed to retain some humour and made it enjoyable to the reader. It truly keeps the readers on edge until the very end.

Like any Tezuka works, don't let the art style fool you, one you get into this one, you won't want to come out and you'll be begging for more once it's done.