Dec 24, 2017
Two Car (Anime) add (All reviews)
Tomm01p (All reviews)
Let's get this quickly out of the way first: Two Car is far from being the best anime of this season. It's far from being original, and it's far from being an actual quality show. Still, it has something that even some shows with better ideas, production-values and fanbase don't: Despite it's numerous mistakes, it's still fun to watch.

The story is set on the island of Miyakejima, where does the local Sidecar race called Miyakejima TT take place. Seven teams, each consinsting of two people: driver and passenger , from different High Schools around the area have come to compete. The winner of this event will be able to start at one of the most prestigious Sidecar races on the planet, the Man of Isle TT in London.

Our main duo: Yuri and Megumi, have their own reasons for wanting to participate in London. Their ex-coach, who originally tought them how to ride the sidecar, decided to pursue his own racing carrer and left them some time ago. Strangely enough, both our main girls are deeply in love with him. Hence they want to go and confess their feelings to him in London TT, where he'll be participating. Sounds pretty weird and cliché, and that's exactly the case. It doesn't really play a role early on, but picks up on importance as the show goes on. And with that, you start to take the show less and less seriously.

But of course, there are other teams who would like to win the race and our duo definetly won't have it easy. Don't expect any rivality between the teams themselves tho. Since the sidecar racing is not really popular, and the community is rather small, the teams get along very well together. They help each other, they live in the same inn and they act casually, more like friends than opponents in the race.

When there are no problems between the teams, there must be some in them tho. And there are. While introducing the teams and riders, it already becomes clear that not everything is that nice. Some team-mates have their issues with each other, which result in argues and a worse performance in training. During these "fights", we are able to get a glimpses of personality of some characters, or their reasons for racing. Even though these problems come from very childish reasons majority of time, they're fun to watch and the slight addition of drama is positive in my eyes.

The characters themselves are however lackluster in every single way. There is just way too many of them for such a short anime, and they're not unique or special in anything. They have some different personalities, but we never get to understand why for example driver A acts mean to driver B, hence their behaving becomes irrelevant as it goes. Atleast some of the duo's work well as a comedy makers, and some of the gags were pretty damn funny to be honest.

The racing itself isn't that much of a thing. The character introducing takes a lot of time and the real race comes just in the very last episode. And it's not that great. It lacks any kind of intense entertainment, which is a needed aspect, especially when the race itself is supposed to be the climax of the whole anime. Also the ending was just something you expected from minute 1 and they found a way to fuck it up even more anyway.

Overall, I think the Slice of Life tag would fit Two Car more than the Racing tag, and the show thinks that too. The relationships of characters are more important and better presented than the race itself, which was a decent-enough decision, atleast in my opinion.

The art of it is.. what you could expect from a low budget show. It's lackluster in a lot of areas, but this being a calm show where nothing much's happening, you won't really notice how much are the scenes lacking. The character desings are also kinda saving it here. Not original, but they still look decent and fit well with my style.

Opening of the show is pretty damn good, ending at about average. The soundtrack was almost non-existant during most of it, but there were some good tracks here and there. Atleast with so many characters, a lot of begineer actors can start their carrer.

Despite it's numerous mistakes and quality shortages, Two Car still has a fair ammount of entertainment in itself. The show is maybe average or poor in every category, but still works kinda well together. Atleast to the point when I actually wasn't struggeling while watching it. Which is a main indicator of a bad anime for me. The setup isn't that bad, atleast for a sports anime and meanwhile the characters are as bland as they could be, the show does it's best at putting them into interesting situations and relations.


Should you watch Two Car? I honestly don't know. I didn't mind watching it every saturday evening, but god knows what would happen if I would want to marathon it. If you want to take a break from all of the action or shounen's, I guess you could give it a try. But if you're expecting a good sports experience, you're gonna be disappointed. Since the racing parts are actually the show's biggest weakness.