Dec 23, 2017
Killbay_Kun (All reviews)
Ok, so it seems like i am the only guy in this entire site that didn't like this show (at least in the review section), so i fell the need to write why this show is so terrible.

Also, this is my first review in the site and i'm not a native english speaker, so sorry if the structure of this review seems garbage to you.

Firstly, i want to say that i was very excited to see this show when it came in the seasonal chart, i didn't know how it whould be, but even if it was just a generic slice of life show, it would be interesting just by the premise, bonus it was made by White Fox, that is one of my favorite studios.

What i got was really dissapointing: a show about literelly nothing, most of the show is just these two girls walking and visiting some unisteressing place, and that is it, i wouldn't have a problem with that if the show had something interssing that could haddle it to be entertaining, but... what this show have of entertaining?

Story? None of it, most of the show is episodic and there is barely any worldbuilding. Good comedy? Nah, there is barely any comedy at all and the few jokes are just Chito punching Yuu. Cute girls suffering shit? Meh, the girls act like the fact that they are the last two humans in the entire earth are just normal business. Some philosophic and 2deep4u shit? Nope, none of the stories have any meaning at all.

Not saying that a anime MUST do some of these things to be good, these are just some ideas of things that Shuumatsu could do to be at least enterteining, but shuumatsu does none of it and does nothing that i didn't say too, it's just two girls living, nothing is fun, must of the stories barelly have a conflict, nothing has any purpose at all, everything is just a great piece of nothing.

And bonus, this show is slow as hell, it drags a in a lot of things just to fill that 23 minutes mark, like bake a loaf for entire 2 minutes or take 3 minutes with a montage that is pure filler, and all those facts combined result in to the most boring show in this entire year, i think i could not watch it all if i didn't watch it weekly, cause must of the time i was just waiting for the episode end so i could do something better.

Another thing that could have saved this show would have good characters to handle the boredom, but that brings in another problem that is the characters are more bland then a piece of paper, they're uncharismatic, boring and do not stand out, and this wouldn't be a problem in a normal show, but this are the ONLY 2 characters in the entire show, you can't just be this lazy and expect the viewer to give a shit about then in this way.

I could also talk why this ending is forced and totally garbage, but spoilers are agains't the Review Guidelines, so if you want to know, ask in my comments.

In conclusion, this show is just a waste of premise and it's a shame that such talented people did work in this, i hope WF give us a better work next time.