Feb 23, 2008
TemplarXIII (All reviews)
I was quite suprised to see no reviews of the movie, at least I thought the series was sufficiently popular to reel in an audience for the movie. Oh well, regardless, I really enjoyed the movie.

STORY: The movie primarly focuses on ruri hoshino, the current captain of the mobile battle ship Nadesico B. Yurika and Akito mysteriously disappear, and she and her crew investigate the new conflicts that arise during the earth's and jovian's unstable peace after the TV series. Officialy ruri is sixteen in the movie, so the movie takes place about 3-4 years after the series. The plot wasn't really well developed and it takes a new direction in mood, from comedy with points of drama and seriousness, to vice versa. Allusions to Geikanger is lacking, that can be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. While the mood is a complete change, and may discourage some viewers, if you maintain an open mind, the movie still maintains equilibrium between drama, action, and comedy, just enough to keep you watching it without getting bored.

ANIMATION: The art is more crisp and cleaned up from the series adaptation; to be expected because its was released in movie theatres back in 1998. In fact the artwork is really good, considering the time period.

SOUND: The soundtrack is appropriate according on the mood and scene. SFX was also great, even during the aestavalis battles.

CHARACTER: Expect to see some old cast favorites like ruri, jun, megumi, ryoko, et cetera. Also some new characters like ruri's vice captain saburota takasagi, a humorus womanizer which adds to the comic relief of the show, and ruri's antipode, reproduced from the genetic engineering, a young boy named hari makibi, serves as the nadesico's ensign.

ENJOYMENT: I may have been a bit subjective in writing this review because this movie has my favorite heroine Ruri Hoshino, but besides that, like I stated earlier, the movie does maintain a good balance between its incoporated genres, and you will enjoy this title.