Dec 18, 2017
TheLewdOtaku (All reviews)
Although the concept isn't exactly original or anything I think the only time I've seen this in manga or anime format and have the story revolve around it completely not one episode or just a few chapters would be Full Metal Panic.

There honestly isn't much to talk about as it's only at 8 chapters, in English anyways, so i'll be lazy and list off what I like and don't like about it so far

The art, an easy 6. The art isn't particularly bad or good, which is the problem. It's somewhat boring and lackluster but you can tell what everything is supposed to be and does it's job. Just wish the environment and characters had a bit more to them I guess.

The Character, oh man the character. The characters are fine, nothing special but I like them so far but there is just one thing teeny tiny thing that irks me about the MC and that's his obnoxious and extremely over reaction to any and all forms of "comedy". I get that it's supposed to be a joke and give you a good ole chuckle between all the serious shit that goes down but I seriously don't get it, I don't find it humorous or anything at all, In fact I find it annoying and dumb but it doesn't really subtract from the story or interfere with the plot so far so I guess it's just a minor nitpick from me. I guess it's just one of those Japanese gags that you just don't get when you're foreign. 5/10 in the character department from me

I enjoy the series so far, I would give it an overall rating of 5/10. Keep in mind, a 5 isn't bad it's just average and that's fine. The story so far is rather, well, boring? I feel like that's to harsh of a word but I'm not gonna sit and here and try to think of anything else. Who knows, maybe in the next few chapters we can get some action and things will heat up but as of now the past 8 chapters have left on the fence about this manga. It could be good, It could be bad. We'll just have to wait to find out, maybe my review has convinced you to pick it, maybe it's convinced you to not pick it up but either way I hope you found my review helpful