May 29, 2010
Fulan (All reviews)
First of all, the arts are very amazing! The eyes are pretty, the lips so gorgeous. Everything is so perfect!

The story is about a girl name Fujiwara who likes to act like a boy. She's handsome and even the girls like her! She have the power to control water. Water is her friend.
Each chapter have different story but a little bit related. Although, it's kinda difficult to understand.
But, you can enjoy it by just watching the art. Ehm! Many sexy girls and boy in here. You'll be tempted...
This manga is suitable for romance, shounen ai and shoujo ai fans. It have so many genres actually. But shounen ai maybe just a few. Shoujo ai and romance, lots....

Well, maybe this info is not enough. But I really recommend y'all to read this!