Dec 18, 2017
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This review will review both s1 and s2 of k-on,but mainly s2,minor spoiler of the beginning episodes in S2 ahead!

I remembered that when I was young, I saw K-on was on the TV, the public seemed to be very interested in it. At that moment, I thought it was just another "cute girls doing cute things" shows. It didn't draw any of my attention at all.

After a few years, I was pulled by someone's recommendation.Saying that it's much better than Love Live. I decided to give it a try.

Clearly,I realised that my previous statement was wrong.

K-on is one of those shows that's trying to turn something ordinary into masterpiece.As from what I have heard, the manga was just mediocre,it just a mixture of generic short stories.While the anime itself doesn't feel that way at all.Although it still stay on slice of life and the theme "light and flurry",the story is very descriptive and interesting as well. Most of the episodes in K-on are very generic, but it still have story and character development as time goes on. Taking S2 as an example,you can see main characters talking about graduation and express their inner feelings about the future of K-on and their precious highschool life is going to pass away. Watching this, it's kinda recall my highschool life.

In addition,friendship is described pretty well,Ritsu always play planks on Moi.Yui is lazy and needs help all the time. While Moi and Azusa are sometime serious, but always being aroused by cakes.Indeed this is one of the most Interesting character combination I have ever seen, yet this not only increase my enjoyment in this show, but also showing that this show has high character individuality.Hence,the theme "light and flurry" is highly promoted.

OK, back to S2.

S2 continued the story of S1.For K-on, it's not that far until members going to be graduated.Of course, like S1,it inserted lots of hilarious slice of life stories.I really like that K-on is trying to become "semi-unrealistic",I mean who's going to have so much chance to going for trips and get free tickets to visit places, but I know this is trying bring me to the happiest moments of highschool life.While bringing you to happiness,thinking about the episodes passed,graduation is coming fast. Clearly, at the end I was busted into tears.

Another thing that's worth to mention is about the turtle added in s2,this side character added a lot of elements in this show,like the overall story and enjoyment,theres more side stories to talk about and I enjoyed the moment that watching K-on members taking care of it. It feels more like K-on is talking music room as their home and it's much more heart-warming,the feeling is completely in a different level.

Overall, it's a really descriptive and comedy slice of life show.

At last,lets talk about animation and sound.

The character design is simple but decent, fits the theme "light and flurry" well. I'm not expecting masterart in this show, since it's a slice of life show,so nothing much to mention.Im kinda impressed by the sound in this show, the instruments sound are pretty realistic and there's a variety of soundtracks used in this show. Songs are inserted very well with the story, like during the band show and at the end.

If you're interested in slice of life shows,music and moe girls, this show is pretty suitable for you,so give it a try. Even though this show is pretty old, it's still pretty good to watch today.