Dec 16, 2017
gorongo (All reviews)
Note : I'm not native speaker so bear with the sentence which grammatically incorrect.

Bored with mediocre love story? Need a new atmosphere? Then it is quite advisable to taste Kaoru Mori's works. She's the one who can give a new wind with a pretty interesting perspective.
One of the first big problems I encountered was, some people argue, including my friends when I suggested this, they judge only from the very first try because the age gap between them. To clarify the distance between Karluk and Amira, I think it is normal. In Asia which the traditional culture works more like a norm, get married at a certain age (in this case, each culture has its own reasons, such as: belief or other related matters). I do not feel strange because it exists, and it is at once a prominent characteristic of this manga, it shouldn’t be a big problem. If you want to talk about a culture with beliefs, you can’t use common sense. It won’t work.
Will seinen always be with a heavy plot? No. This one is unique, thanks for all the interesting characters are able to build the story more lively. You often see seinen characters get a sharper psychological shift than any other category? That's how they work. How about this one? Yes. The development characters are good, nervous at time, and wisely without need imposing themselves because they think and grow from the problems they face together. Their relationship is very simple, they think deep through it, they put many considerations to it. That’s how people back then think.
Also, the atmosphere is very heart-warming. In addition to many problems that will arise, I love how this manga has a 'fresh' side that makes me recommend it more than Emma which much heavier. Trust me. There was a time when I was touched by the upcoming emotional things, but there were times when we would be smiling with lots of bitter and sweet moments that certainly add new colors besides the identical seinen in it.
This manga carries the eastern theme in it as I see Turkish documentation. This aspect related to the art, which is very stunning, detailed, and wonderful.

I absolutely recommend it to anyone.