May 28, 2010
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I hear OVA's takes ages before all the episodes are released. Well, kinda make sense in the case of this show, because it must have taken them a long long time and a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make something *this* bad. "FLCL"? "Furi Curi"? "Fooly Cooly"? Regardless of what this anime is supposed to be called, "Fully Crap" is what this anime *deserve* be called, and call it that I shall. While watching "Fully Crap", I felt so apathetic, so detached from everything that was going on on screen that there were moments where I wondered if I'd accidently consumed some drugs beforehand.

"Fully Crap" has in abundance most of the stereotypical things that puts people off anime. It's random, insanely over the top, infused with oddball Japanese humour, and contains lots of super deformity, mechas and explosions. The only thing that's missing is probably tentacle pr0n, and perhaps some sense. And to prove my point, let me tell you that I was watching this with a couple of friends who were relatively new to anime. About five minutes in, they both walked out on me with dropped jaws and glazed eyes. I was left watching the remainder of the episode accompanied only by those aforementioned jaws that my friends dropped on their way out, and fueled only by my own stubbornness to finish what I'd started... and boy did it push that stubbornness close to its limits.

At first it seemed just like a normal anime, then along comes a girl on a motorbike wielding a guitar... and everything goes to sh*t from there on. I had no clue what was happening. The creators' aim appeared to be to try and make "Fully Crap" as crap, as incomprehensible, and as insane as possible. A couple of the better episodes are very crap, which can be considered sky high praise in the case of this anime, because the rest of it is unwatchably crap. Towards the end of the series, it almost felt as though bits of it was starting to resemble some form of meaning, though perhaps that's due to my mind deluding itself after desperately trying for so long to make sense of what's going on. It's like the feeling of trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle with 90% of the pieces missing, and with the pieces you do have deformed to such an extent that it's hard to tell what images are printed on them.

I'm really struggling to think of anything good to say about "Full Crap". Er... the animation's okay when it's not too busy being crazy, and the music works out occasionally, although this appears to be more by fluke than by design, as they basically have a load of jrock songs weakly glued together to form a constant racket in the background, and by chance it manages to match the scene once or twice. And er... that's about it really. Probably the only way they could have made it worse is to make it longer - then I would have had to sit through more "Fully Crap" stuff. *shudders*