May 27, 2010
harumi_shirayuki (All reviews)
First review...*inhale*...*exhale*

For this kind of storyline, I feel that this was practically the perfect pace for the most parts. I do hesitate to say the whole plot because at times, you could be sitting there, thinking "any day now...Oh look bunnies!"

Note: No bunnies exist in this manga

At the beginning, I almost dropped it. I advise you not to do so. It may seem slow in the beginning, but if you are looking for a little pick me up story with a dash of romance and comedy, then this is for you. Also, I'm not sure why this manga isn't tagged with romance because it does entail quite a few relationships.

And I'm not sure, but it was refreshing to have a different sort of base line for a shoujo manga. Sure, it didn't revolve around an incompetent girl nor was there a angry fan club beating people up. Well, kind of...but that's what makes it diverse! Huzzah!

I might have been pretty nice to give it an 8, but since I was debating between 7 and 8, why not be optimistic?

It's only 26 chapters so go for it!