Dec 10, 2017
Iplemons (All reviews)
If I suddenly came into elaborate amounts of money, I would track down Dowman Sayman/Douman Seiman and fund this to be an anime out-of-pocket.

It sounds cheesy as hell but I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced.... I felt it all here man.

This is a remarkably quirky, original, romantic, and funny manga in many ways that I was not expecting. The art is unique and western inspired but it only adds to the fun of the characters and the plot.

Seiman is a master of keeping multiple plot lines going at once that intertwine without one ever getting boring. I genuinely feel this is a perfect manga in terms of story telling. There were no loose ends left even for the most minor of characters. Seiman has a gift of in a sexual, gross, quirky, and funny way making everything enjoyable.

I read it all in one sitting and then after had to go outside and experience "post good story ending" syndrome.

This is what got me aboard the Seiman fan train. I have since hunted the ends of the earth for every work translated to read in entirety. I literally never shut up about this manga or Seiman and their mastery of awkward romance comedy stories.