Dec 9, 2017
juneboba (All reviews)
Food Wars is as simple as this review is going to be. This anime had a lot of potential to be great. I went into it not knowing anything because I wanted to be surprised. I knew it was about food and I'd seen pictures on various social media of the food that comes from this series—it's beautiful! There hasn't been very many anime that centers around food so it piqued my interest.

While Food Wars is definitely surprising—shocking, even—I was extremely disappointed to find that it has no plot, no interesting characters, character development was nonexistent, and it's just an overwhelming amount of gross ecchi-ahegao man-service. Within the first 5 minutes of the pilot episode, the viewers had the misfortune of watching an underage child orgasm from eating food the red-haired kid (whose name escapes me; he's not interesting enough to remember) and suddenly get attacked and sexually violated by an octopus...all because the redhead made an octopus dish. I felt my brain liquefy from the stupendous amount of absurdity. I like my anime with a lot more meat on their bones and not just pretty animation of food.