Dec 8, 2017
Ankithadam (All reviews)
(Note: This review contains both positives and negatives, but it helps you decide to watch it or not. 8/10 is just my view)

In this present Internet-dominated world, We spend lots of time on social networks, gaming etc and we forget how we behave in the real world and become clumsy, silly and awkward...That's depicted really well in this anime...and it also shows how we want to stay and dream to be in that dream world...

Please don't be deceived by the title "Recovery of MMO junkie" , To be honest I thought it must be a story of a recovering MMO addict and it might help people with addictions get motivated, but to my disappointment, Its a story about an MMO addict who was forced to quit playing the game as the game was shut down and she finds a new that's what recovery means in this case.

It's a common MMO gaming type anime where MC plays the game and interacts with other characters and obviously falling in love with them or developing a crush and accidentally they meet in the real world but they do not know that they are playing the same game. (Which would never happen in real life scenario cos there is no possibility of meeting) .

You know what's going to happen next in the story and you know that it is silly but still you would love watching it because the atmosphere in the anime makes you feel that way.

The first episode might be boring but after 2nd and 3rd episode you start liking it and it keeps getting more and more interesting.There is no dragging which happens in most love stories (you would understand what I meant at the end of episode 8).

It did help bring few smiles and laughs as it exactly depicts how stupid we behave when we live in that virtual world or social networks, as we cant talk to the same person whom we met in social network properly if met face to face. It also makes sarcastic jokes about MMO gaming.

Art is Good, I mean since it represents about a game, obviously the characters are designed to be colorful and interesting.The Main character even though with her messy long hair is really cute and there is bit drawback in male characters of real life because most of them look almost same, just the hair color or spectacles vary lol.

Opening and Ending tracks are good and create a gaming feel scenario,
The soundtracks aren't worth remembering, except for 1 or 2, I guess.

This is the main important feature that makes this anime special, Character development Of the main character is good. I fell in love with the MC as her character is just like me who does clumsy things and speak in monosyllables when talking with opposite sex. Other characters aren't much developed( like other gamers)...We only come to know 3 people from the game outside...So it focuses mainly on the Two MC's and their feelings.

Enjoyment and Overall :
I would say to watch this anime if you want to see someone like you existing in an anime world and laugh at yourself. It's a good time pass anime if you are bored of high school romance and bloody thrillers.

My advice before watching:
Please don't start this anime with any expectations, Watch it with a free mind and at a time when you don't have anything to do.