Dec 8, 2017
Aman_Bhaskar (All reviews)
Often There comes a show which we find ourselves enjoying more and more by the passing episode, But when asked, we find it difficult to describe in words,that what is it that we actually like about it. It is something most of us experience and, it all just might feel weird , to like something without a reason.The same had happened with me while watching this anime,I am not really sure why, Maybe it was the characters, the story, the music, or rather the entire show itself, however, in the end, It doesn't really matter, as long as one enjoys whatever they are watching.

The anime, net juu no susume, starts off as a MMORPG parody, with some generic elements and run off the mill jokes, However, slowly the game theme starts to fade away, to a point where it seems like a side aspect , But in return, what we get to see later is a show, with one of the finest pace of story progression and character development we've seen in a while. The anime starts with a "person", starting a new life,and not a one you would expect, but rather an Online one. She uses games, not as a means to escape reality, but rather to reject it, to a point where it fades away to almost nothing. However, the world around that her begins to change due to a string of coincidences, which you might call fate,that slowly amalgamate both her online and offline lives together to a point, where both of them just seem unreal to her, and to a certain extend, to us too.

Neet is a term which is gaining more an more popularity in anime, This is clearly evident in most of the recent anime we have been receiving. Of course, it is not a good idea to just sit around at home all day doing nothing,but secretly, its somthing that most of us desire to do, and this desire within us is what makes us relate to these people. The main character, Morioka san, is also a neet, who has left her job in private sector and now dedicates her full time in playing RPGs and making new friends online. The interesting part is how she plays as a male character in the game, and some people despite knowing this, treats her as a normal person and not a freak, which comes to show the acceptance and etiquette of the internet. The show focuses on how she , by meeting new people, is able to come out of her shell and becomes a more social and active person in the society, which in other words means how she recovers from her neet behavior.

Now, It has become quite common to see young high school characters in most anime,especially romance, who have no experience in life and behave like dimwits whose lives are a tragedy. Net juu no susume offers a more mature and sensible cast of characters whose approach to life and the events that happen, are more realistic and makes sense. We see the characters behave in realistic way and not like dimwits , and this is also a major appeal of the anime and also reason for the smooth progression of the story.

Much like Morioka, sakurai is shown as a person with his own problems, despite having a job and friends, he is actually more similar to Morioka san than anyone else. Both are portrayed as MMO junkies who are fed up of their routine and escape off into a world of RPG to relieve themselves. Its also funny how both of them are more closer to one another , than they realize. And as the story progresses, They find that they are tied by a string of fate. The other characters are also not cast aside and the have a pretty well developed personality to show and a good role to play. Characters like Koiwai, Kanbe have provided with a help to both parties in improving the relationship with the other. Honestly, I was also not a fan of Koiwai, because he is pushy and just a big jerk. But, still he was the major reason in bringing Morioka san close to sakurai, And the real reward is when you watch the last episode and realize how far they have reached from just being strangers, It still surprises me, or rather it shows the real power of online games, and how they are able to bring strangers more closer to each other than one can imagine

Its actually these shows, which truly highlight the role played by good characters in an anime and which kind of impact they can have, even on a not so well written story line. The rate of development and character building has been really perfect since the fist episode. Through small encounter, to exchanging email , to going drinking,and finally just getting even more closer , The development being done is something which surprises me the most. Its all too fast and yet seems natural . It truly shows how much we can achieve , in very amount little episodes.

The MMORPG, as I alredy mentioned, is not exactly the main focus of the anime, especially for the later half,however it has also not been completely ignored. We can see some good parody elements just being thrown around casually, Like the Loot box episode. Also we should see that, It is the Game only which started it all and was a major portion of the story development at first. The MMORPG theme in total here, is used really well to be honest, it has not overshadowed the anime but is also not got overshadowed itself or we can say that it was simply used in the most appropriate way .

The art is something I usually don't talk about, as it is quite subjective in itself. From my point of view, The art is pleasant and simple with a good use of cooler color palette , which is pleasing to eyes. The music is very simple and elegant, More than the OP, i am a bigger fan of the ed. It closes up everything very well and is a good way to wrap up things, but Other than that , there is nothing special in the art and music part.

Overall, The anime is surprisingly well made and it is much better than what u would expect it to be. It seemed to me as a very generic and simple show at first, but soon it exceeds my expectations and becomes a show which I would look forward to every friday. From the well developed characters to a good story line, almost everything about it is perfect which ,in my eyes, makes it worthy of the score i have given, And also Sakurai and Morioka san are one of the cutest pair you will ever see in anime. Its something everyone should experience at least once, because It will exceed your expectation, more than you would expect it to