Dec 7, 2017
rkuci (All reviews)
Storytelling/story based. Story was quite interesting, but Storytelling was more for active watchers, because of so many flashbacks, it was easy to lost in it and hard to immerse in it. When I was finally getting into some scene, it would make another cut to different part of the story. But because of this, it was effective in building up the tension and hard to predict.

The Atmosphere and setting were done very good. Intro song felt very appropriate. But because of so manny cuts to different parts of story, it wasn't really easy to watch.
I would say this is one of the most innocent anime (with little bit of blood and gore) I have seen.
Btw: the blood and gore could be another paragraph, but I am quite immune to it so i didn't even registered it (besides jumping in blood, but that was done as character rendering).