Dec 7, 2017
Ravito (All reviews)
In a nutshell: The most interesting thing in Boruto is Orochimaru's gender.

I am a big fan of Naruto so obviously I started watching Boruto. I was pretty disappointed due to various reasons. I wasn't expecting to be an exact copy of the Naruto series but I just wanted to have the same feeling watching it.

The characters: I hated Boruto since the first episode.He is a boy-genius: he doesn't train, he doesn't care yet he is the best and always looses. The other characters are too overpowered for their age and can already master some high techniques such as summoning jutsu and elemental control in a time of total peace. I've started hating all the character Arcs such as Cho-Cho except the Mitsuki one which was pretty decent.

The plot: I think the show started digging its own grave when the creators made the first scene be a flash-forward to what looked like the epic climax of the show, it looked promising to me at first but now it looks like the show has no idea how to actually get there. After that the next episodes seem like they are fillers. There are a few cool episodes but they are rare and only get your hopes up. I've only gotten this far because I hope something happens. This anime is lacking the darkness, pain, actual emotions and sadness that we would experience in Naruto - the lack of all that makes it look like a kids show if comparing to Naruto.

The Art is pretty cool, nothing to complain here.

The sound is amazing as ever (like in Naruto), but sadly when a fight starts there is no specific epic sound like when Orochimaru appeared in Naruto.