Dec 7, 2017
Gamers! (Anime) add (All reviews)
juneboba (All reviews)
After catching up with the amazing slice of life-romcom, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, I wanted another game-related romance-comedy and I was hoping Gamers would touch my heart in similar ways. The production quality of Gamers was better than I expected. That opening, the references, the music, the voice acting, the art style—it's fantastic! Though Gamers started off a little bit cliched, it still piqued my interest. I thought the pilot was just a basic starting point and the second episode introduced more characters that could get fleshed out later. That was my initial thought until the anime suddenly dropped the ball after the second episode to opt for an endless barrage of misunderstandings. Gamers is the kind of anime where people squirm, shake their head side to side a bit, and go "it has its moments but it's not worth your time."

I appreciate how passionate about games they made each character but every time they interacted with one another, it seemed like the writers forgot the nuance previously given to them. They built and nurtured these great relationships in the second episode with tender moments only to make them one-dimensional again in order to pull off their misunderstandings gimmick. The gaming club concept could have worked to their advantage but they didn't stick with it. Misunderstandings killed anything good that could have been salvaged; the writing was very poorly thought out.

They also kept forgetting the girls were interested in video games and continuously used them as boys' sexual attraction, physically and emotionally which was so creepy. If the poor girls didn't completely forget they were into games, they were ashamed of sharing their passion and grew more obsessive about relationships and boys. Because of that, all of the characters kept jumping to their own conclusions about one another. Why write a whirlwind of confusion that would serve to irritate the audience instead of just communicating as friends and partners should? It's just plain bad writing. In addition to that, there were episodes where I was able to catch the ending CG and they were all creepy boob and ass shots of the girls in swimsuits. They're children and the skeevy producers need to rethink their careers.

This entire anime was a landfill of terrible ideas with few moments of fluff sprinkled into it. The writers would constantly forget that the characters enjoyed video games and then beat it into the viewer's head that they're gamers the next minute. I understand the need to create drama—high school can be fraught with it—but every plotline after the second episode became a string of one misunderstanding to the next. Most high school kids don't know how to gauge their emotions and express themselves, but the creators clearly had no idea how to portray adolescence without taking it to new levels of annoying. Pair that with the random creepiness of sexualizing teenage girls and you get this abomination of an anime. By the finale, none of the misunderstandings got sorted out and on the rare occasion that they did, it would soon be replaced by another. Gamers has its moments but it's not worth your time.