Dec 7, 2017
AbyssAnime (All reviews)
As of writing this review I have only seen up to Ep.10, mild spoilers may occur containing information up to that point.

TL;DR: The story is nothing unique but is still solid. Characters and the fact that Studio Pierrot are the ones adapting this are Black Clover's biggest flaw. Black Clover, despite these flaws I do still find very enjoyable though.

It's disappointing to see how lowly ranked this is and some of the stupid reviews that just call it trash. Yes, Black Clover has many flaws (just as any anime have flaws), simply based on these flaws i took a guess at what studio made it, and to no surprised I was correct. Studio Pierrot strikes again with its bad adaptations!

Characters (5/10) Mediocre
The main area of Black Clover's flaws lie in its characters. This is not limited to Asta and how he yells approximately 37 times per episode, but nearly all the characters with some sort of gag. What I mean by this is they use and reuse the same jokes with each character to the point where it is no longer funny. Some anime struggle with having every character act differently, this one however greatly over-dramatizes each character with the same jokes.

This however by no means makes it a terrible anime, in fact Black Clover has quite a few of those moments that get you excited and make you want to watch the next episode. Moments like when you first see the demon behind Asta and him using his sword, and when Asta gets his Magic Knights cloak had me pumped and super excited.

Story (6/10) Fair, Enjoyment (8/10) Very Good
The story itself so far is pretty basic and doesn't stand out as unique, its just a typical but solid story and world, but as mentioned above does have big moments which make me really enjoy it.

Art (7/10) Good, Sound (7/10) Good
The art style and sound track are nothing special and pretty normal but tie into whats going on well, the OST is not good enough that I would listen to it in my free time.

Aside from the characters, one big complaint I do have though is that you are treated to repeated scenes prior to the opening that just goes over the setting or what happened in the previous episode, this basically makes me feel like Studio Pierrot was lazy and stalled out 40 or so seconds of content and new animation every episode. They also reuse a picture of Asta twice in the opening, while some may find this silly, it just makes me feel like the studio was lazy and simply tried to limit the amount of work they had to do.

On a side note, I believe having Asta be able to do more than just swing his sword would make the anime much better, since I dont see him growing or changing as a character. Maybe if he learned a spell (but of course he cant use magic so maybe the sword/demon would come into play and increase his physical capabilities or something.) At one point in the anime, they mentioned that when a magic user matures, grows emotionally, or so forth they will "unlock" new spells from their grimoire, I would like to see something like this for Asta's case.