Dec 7, 2017
LovelyTekki (All reviews)
If you are a major fan of Animal Crossing, you should watch this. The main character, Ai, is reminiscent of the journey one goes on when they play the game. She starts off confused, until she eventually starts to fit into town after a while and she even made some friends.

The worst part of this movie was Whitney by far. I never liked her as a villager, and she's even more of a stuck-up jerk in this movie. Other than her, the rest of the characters are likable and fun. I loved how they portrayed Mr. Resetti especially.

The artwork stands out as it is consistent to the game's art style while also having a bit of flair. Everything just looks cute and colorful.

Watching this again makes me feel that the series could lend itself well to an anime series or another OVA. With the recent popularity thanks to new leaf, it would be worth a shot!