Dec 7, 2017
Maiillu (All reviews)
I never thought i would write a review. But this anime has been the worst experience I've ever had with an anime so far. I don't understand why or even how this anime is so popular. If you are like me who saw some posts about how good this is and now want to watch it let me give you a little advice: Don't do watch it. I repeat. DO NOT WATCH IT. If after reading that you still don't believe me Im going to try to explain myself a little bit better...for your sake.

So first we have this high school girl who apparently has NO backbone and doesn't know how to stand her ground. Walks into this mansion filled with self-absorbed assholes who are vampires and then proceeds to get "Blood Rape" by every. single. one.REALLY. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And those "Blood Rape" scenes were handle in a very weird way. Sometimes I questioned whether I was watching a normal anime or some type of vampire blood sucking porn. This girl was a complete masochist, when she had the chance to escape she didn't.

All the vampire brothers were wrong. I like twisted characters but for some reason i hated these. Basically these characters had a couple of daddy and mommy issues and nothing else, yet they were on the deep end of crazy town. Oh and it seems they took a page out of Edward Cullen because for some reason that was not mention they (vampires) go to HIGHSCHOOL (well only in one episode but they use the uniform all the damn time).

In the end I don't even KNOW how i finished it...only to find that THERE IS A SECOND PART?¿?¿? WTF??? People actually enjoyed this??? If you want to watch it after reading the bad reviews then go ahead but be warned. There is not a single redeeming quality in this anime.