Dec 7, 2017
Yasaal (All reviews)
"Arigatou Daisy-chan"

The loveable incompetent idiots return for another excellent and hilarious season of Working'!!

Story: 8/10

Working'!! starts immediately where the first season left off, and doesn't fail to make me laugh and enjoy their daily shenanigans once again. One downfall was that not much was improved from the last season as this was a direct continuation of the last season, but the comedy and SOL moments more than made up for it yet again. Since it's a slice of life (one of my favorite genres) you won't and shouldn't expect much of a plot going on anywhere, and that's the best part about the genre as a whole itself, you don't need to overburden yourself with thoughts of a plot, just enjoy. And Working brought me just that, a second time.

Art: 9/10

The art was once again delightful to watch. This time though the characters were a little bit more zoomed in than before and was a positive change since it made them cuter and added more dynamic to the movements as well. Nothing new was added to stablise the change between season's and I think that's a good thing.

Sound: 8/10

Adopting a similar OP and ED to the last season the enjoyment was once again retained (although we went from "ONE ONE" to "PONPONPON"). On the other hand the Seiyuus did a wonderful job and you'll be surprised who does their voices! Fukuyama Jun does Souta's voice and he does Lelouch as well, no explanation needed. I never thought he'd do comedy that well since it took me a long time to understand who this VA was when I saw Working. Saki Fujita (Hatsune Miku) was the voice of Inami and though her voice felt a little too much at times it was great in it's own way. Another notable VA was Hiroshi Kamiya who was the voice of the cunning Souma. Overall with a star studded cast they did an excellent job portraying the characters.

Characters: 8/10

Even though it's a SOL there still wasn't much charm in the characters from last season, not to say they were bad but there wasn't any change from the last season at all. And I know I've repeated it again in my previous season's review, Inami was once again quite irritating, though a little less this time. There was a lot to love about the characters but one thing sealed this anime's fate with having one of my all-time favorite moments in anime. *SPOILERS IF YOU LIKE SATOU* His smile killed me. Literally. He rarely smiles and when he actually did man I fanboyed at that moment *END SPOILER IF YOU LIKE SATOU* Overall the cast was fun to watch and I got a lot of laughs this time, even more this time than the last.

Enjoyment: 9/10

The Working!! series is one of those who always leave you with a smile, and that's how I felt about this season as well. Excellently done. I came for the comedy, and got a lot of good comedy out of it. Although the romance part was kinda less focussed on (from a romance fan's perspective) I think it was for the better. Nonetheless, Working'!! has definitely set it's place as one of my top most entertaining series I ever watched.

Overall: 8.4

Overall, Working'!! continued a lot of elements from it's first season which meant that the good returned, as well as the few flaws. It had a star studded cast both on seiyuu and character levels and Satou once again set in stone his position as the best character of the anime. If you liked him in the first season, worry not, there's MORE of him here. Hope you enjoyed my review and hope you enjoy the anime too!

P.S: Satou best husbando once again <3 He and Yachiyo are just perfect <3