Dec 7, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

Throughout this year, there have been many an anime that has been set in another world, some have been good, while others have been bad, but Re:Creators decides to do the opposite and bring the fantasy beings to our world and the result was quite surprising.

Story (9/10)

The story begins with Sota Mizushino, who suddenly ends up in an anime, then after encountering a girl in a military uniform, the anime's main heroine ends up in the real world with Sota, however more creations are ending up in the real world and Sota must find out why.
The first half is very simple and straightforward as it introduces us the characters and the main villain, but the way these characters are introduced and how they initially react was done very well, I also like how they are able to keep their powers too, because in most anime's where a fantasy being comes to our world, they end up having their power reduced a lot and luckily here that doesn't happen, so we get some kickass battles along the way.
Another thing is the amount of exposition used, some people might think a lot of exposition can be quite a drag and that can be the case for me too, but it was very interesting seeing the characters trying to figure out how to make themselves stronger by interacting with their creators and I also like how making the creations stronger wasn't just a simple doddle, there had to be pride and love put into it to make them stronger, so at least it wasn't the usual bullsh*t cliched way most anime's do it.
Even though the first half introduces the characters, there are some surprises in store, like the reasons for each side fighting each other, it gave me a Akame Ga Kill vibe although not as well done, it was still a good attempt and there are even some deaths in the first half, which really surprised me or maybe it was that I haven't seen an anime character die in some time, it was still shocking however.
The second half of the show mostly concentrates on the build-up to the final battle and the final battle itself, which was absolutely fantastic to watch and yet more characters died during it, even some I wasn't expecting to see die, so I'll give extra points the show for taking some risks.
The only problem I have with the story is the final episodes, because it gets a little confusing with how they defeat the main villain, but it was different than usual so I'll give it that and the ending was satisfying too, however if anyone noticed there was one loose end left behind and could bring about an OVA or even a movie.

Characters (9/10)

The characters were really entertaining, likeable and mostly badass, but there was 1 or 2 characters that did get on my nerves which stopped this show from getting a 10 for me.
Sota is the male MC and despite looking like Shinichi from Parasyte, he was a very awkward and shy guy, usually I can stand this, but Sota ended up being my most unlikable character from the show, mainly because he kept holding secrets from his friends that could've helped them figure out who Altair was quicker, luckily this was only in the first half of the show, in the second half he's more in the background making you forget he exists until they show him on screen again.
Selesia and Meteora are the female MC's and are the first creations Sota encounters, both of these two are great and badass characters, although Selesia does feel like a normal main heroine, but that is how she was created and she does have some good moments, mainly because she's willing to put everything she has on the line to make sure her friends win the day and to stop the world from being destroyed, sadly though this came at a cost for her.
Meteora is a mage, she's smart, powerful, but is a gluten and quite mundane, however she ends up being one of the best characters of the show, mainly because she unexpectedly makes random jokes and her monologue for the recap episode solidified her position as the best character, although her screentime in the second half wasn't as much compared to the first half, so I kinda missed her during the final fight.
Yuuya and Rui are the next two characters that show up, Yuuya for a guy who likes a good fight and shouting, is a very likeable guy usually guys like him are a mixed reception for me, but he was pretty damn cool and does have a serious side of sorts.
Rui on the other hand started off pretty annoying for me, because he stomped around and keep whining like a kid, but once the situation started heating up he became more likeable and pretty kickass when he was fighting in his giant mecha.
Mamika and Alicetaria are the two female creations who went to the evil side, but despite being on the evil side they had their reasons, Alice was from a world where death was a 100% possibility so her trying to change the world made sense, but Mamika joined only because she attacked the others, but after she confronts them you can see the conflict within about whats right and wrong and which side is the correct one, sadly though her realisation ended up with her getting killed, this made Alice's character a little more blind to the situation as grief overcame her actions, until later on where she eventually swapped sides, however her alliance swap was quite short lived.
Blitz is another creation who sided with Altair, much like Alice he has lost a lot that he cares about in his story, he likes to work alone and doesn't give much of a damn about the others since he is working towards his own goal, which he eventually gets allowing him to go to the other side, but other than looking like a complete badass, there's not much else about him.
Magane is definitely tied first place with Meteora for best character of the show, because she was neutral in all of this and just went around causing her own mischief, despite looking like an evil girl (which she is) Magane was terrifyingly cunning with her words and no matter what she did, I couldn't hate her, she would send chills down my spine, but would also do something cool or funny at the same time.
Altair is the main villain of the show and for a main villain, she was actually pretty good, true she didn't have that much screentime until the final battle, but she put up a good impression and her reasons for doing what she did, didn't seem unreasonable, although the way she was defeated is a little confusing.

Art (9/10)

This show looked pretty damn good, right down from the creations designs especially Altair who looked menacing as hell, to the battles which were just a joy to watch, although there was a little bit of CGI in there that was good, but bad at the same time, like for example Rui's mech looked kickass, but seeing Alice moving around on her flying horse just didn't look right.

Sound (9/10)

The two op's were really good, hell I actually can't make up my mind which one was better right now, hopefully I will be able to when it comes to my top 10 op's, the ed's were ok, although they weren't that memorable.
Something that did throw me off though was, why did Alice's horse sound like a motorcycle when it was flying, it just didn't make any sense to me.


The action was very well done, whenever a load of exposition had been dumped on you a good fight scene always came afterwards and the final battle was just awesome to watch, the deaths that happen in this show are pretty gruesome as well I mean there's a good amount of blood shown.
Surprisingly there is some comedy too, although it's mainly through either Meteora or Magane, I have to mention how funny the recap episode is, because I see these as a waste of time, but Meteora's monologue was just pure genius.

Enjoyment (9/10)

Overall (9/10)

Overall this was a very good show, definitely on my top 10 from this year so far, so if you're someone who's a little tired of the "another world" type anime's then you might find this one quite refreshing.