Dec 7, 2017
Polestickweeze (All reviews)
One of the worst anime I ever watched. I thought it would catch my eye since some themes I would have enjoyed: ecchi, martial arts, comedy, but sadly it failed.

This blonde character wants to beat up the biggest and strongest student in a martial arts school until he gets his butt kicked. He still is determined to get back up and fight. The one he was fighting seemed a nice guy but can be a hardcore fighter with red eyes.
The story is confusing because I have no idea who is the main characters or am I just to see all of them as one. Two sisters, who can change to small height size, have their own agenda. One who is more like a senapi while the other is in love with the blond man for strange reasons.

Reason why I didn't like it and quit after 2 episodes was because the plot was weak. So weak that it made me sleep. I would rather watch Bleach again than this.