Dec 7, 2017
YANDERE__KUN (All reviews)
In this review, I will go through each of the core elements and provide my thoughts on why I like this anime. Before I get into the review however, I would like to say that Acchi Kocchi is a very good show if you enjoy watching very simple comedies, that don't do much other than provide you with a funny and fun time watching.

Story: 9/10
This anime has a very simple and easy-to-understand concept. Five high-school students hang around together and do hilarious things together. The anime is made even funnier with the addition of a one-way romance between Tsumiki and Io. There is not much story, and in the case of this anime, it is a good thing, because we watch it mainly for its comedic value and cuteness.

Art and Sound: 8/10 and 8/10
The art, although not exactly to my style, reflects the cute nature of this anime very well by having characters designed in such a way that they are cute. While I do not pay much attention to the sound, it is vital in displaying the atmosphere and general mood of the anime, of which the light-hearted feel is upheld and portrayed very well.

Character: 9/10
A good thing about this anime's characters is that there are not to many of them, with the five main characters, and a handful of side characters. There are enough people for the anime not to be boring, but also not too many characters, which will make it messy and confusing. The different personalities of the characters make for an interesting viewing as we get to know them.

Enjoyment and Overall Impression: 10/10 and 9/10
Being a comedy fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, and would recommend this to people who enjoy cute and funny things. I am impressed and will watch it again, given the chance.

TOTAL SCORE: ~8.83 (Rounded up to 9.0)