Dec 7, 2017
duskphantom (All reviews)
This is my first review and i am not a native english speaker. So please bear with me.

I liked the anime to mouretsu pirates very much and gave it a 9/10. It was cool, fun and sexy. One of the best sci fi anime out there. In comparison this movie sucks a little bit. Though i want to give it a little bit credit. It looks good, even cgi parts and it was fun to a certain degree.

Yet i have two major complains with this movie. First of all it adds nothing new to the anime. It feels like they did this movie out of purpose to gain more cash. There are not so much references to the anime. Just a few pics. Secondly marika was kinda replaced by Kanata Mugen. A boy who is whiny and hates his own dad out of reasons i guess. He was boring and i didn't care about him.

There were other things that bothered me too. The villains were boring and their reasons for doing bad things were just as boring as the villains. That other thing that bothered me was Grunhildes crush on Kanata. It came out of nowhere and i didn't get the reasons for that. They talked just like for four or five minutes and there was no real interaction, that lead to this kind of thing. Another thing was this scene where the girls from yacht club try to change kanatas clothes and they actedas if they never had seen a boy before. This whole scene was stupid.

If you want more from the anime, maybe you will be disappointed like me. But it can be enjoyed.