Dec 6, 2017
K-On!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
doogely-jim (All reviews)
This is a review for both seasons 1 (!) and 2 (!!), because there isn't much to say differently about them. Season 2 does everything that 1 does, just a bit better for the most part.

I think most people will really like K-On, so if you're even considering watching it and think you might enjoy it, I would go for it. It's simple, good entertainment. It's also really not a show about the members of a band as much as it is just about adolescence and growing up.

The characters. They are a little one-note, but I still found they were entertaining. The show overall has a pretty charming comedic tone to it, and it's all due to the characters and how they play off each other. The voice actors (Japanese) also do a great job of bringing personality to them.

The art and sound. For the most part, both are done well. The characters are pretty cute, and their movements feel organic and are also what drive their silliness. The sound design is sharp and realistic (you probably won't notice it).

The backgrounds aren't too detailed or eye-catching, and neither are the character models. The art is a bit more than serviceable though, perhaps a 6.5 overall (again though, the movement of the characters is what stands out here. It brings them a good amount of ridiculous charm).

The story is fine. It's also not very consistent in quality, some episodes have little plot (these are definitely in the minority). Most are both interesting and fun.

K-On overall has a feeling of carelessness and love for the moment that many people may have experienced in high school or middle school. Playing with your friends non-stop and navigating school life with them. If you have bittersweet memories of having a similar experience in your schooling (sweet because it was so wonderful, bitter because it had to end), than you might really like K-On. It's just a bunch of goofy, cute anime girls messing around in high school.