Dec 6, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
This show honestly tries too have the cake and eat it too and it kind of ruin a part of the main show.

Recently My sister is Unusual isn't a bad show. Their is certainly worse. But with a mixture of elements done badly it just kind of leaves the show in an awkward state.

This show is very much Echi but at the same time it censors itself. It has stuff like shots of the MC's chastity belt but it censors it. It will censor the most random stuff at times too. I don't know why if they aren't o'k with showing sexual scenes then why would they even put them in the show. They either should have gone full on Echi/Hentai or just not put them in the show at all.

The Ghost chick ( Hiyori) Is kind of an awful character for the most part of the show. I still enjoyed parts of her. But she can just be so insensitive. Hiyori Doesn't even seem to care that she has basically made Mitsuki into a hostage. If Mitsuki doesn't help her she will die because of Hiyori and she doesn't even seem to care as much. Hiyori also has gone about and ruined Mitsuki's life. It just kind of annoying and makes me dislike her.

Mitsuki had a calm and alright life. But Hiyori came in and has put Mitsuki into embarrassing situations such as make Mitsuki Wet herself and having too Pee into a flower vase. It is just annoying.

Yuuya also tends to just be annoying as can be. He is so oblivious and dense it's annoying. He tends to always force Mitsuki to other places cause he thinks something is wrong even when she saids she is alright.

I honestly think this show would have been a better show. If instead of Hiyori wanting to get with Mitsuki brother she wanted to get with another chick. So instead of having Mitsuki want to date with her brother she starts getting emotions for a different girl in the show. So instead of MitsukixYuuya it would be someone like MitsukixYukina.

I would honestly love to see MitsukixYukina a lot. I don't like the brother. Hell i wouldn't mind instead of her getting a Brother she gets Yukina as her sister. Yukina is an awesome character that i feel would be better fit for Mitsuki.

Overall it's an alright show that could have been better.