Dec 6, 2017
PixlReality (All reviews)
And the winner of the most over-the-top antics goes to...wait what are we doing here again?

Aho Girl is an anime about just that, an un-intelligent girl who happens to be in love with her neighbor who desperately hates her. And in her endeavors to try to sway his feelings, she gets nearly nowhere and achieves nothing outstanding besides making her self look like a fool. You follow the lives of Yoshiko & Akuru who happen to go to the same school and travel on their mis-adventures to nowhere.

The animation is good, and the OP and voice acting are just as good. Nothing too spectacular, but I must admit that the OP really does fit this show well.

The characters were nothing special, but they were in fact "over the top." Everything, and anything can be considered excessive. To the smallest altercations, to the bigger incidences that may occur, everything is just way over-done and all the characters seem to express every single emotion possible in on sentence. It's like the modern day version of "The Three Stooges" only add some sugar and caffeine. But in terms of the characters, they all seemed alright, nothing special, but nothing too shabby either.

So honestly I think this is one of those anime that is just alright. It's nothing special, but it may harbor special moments, and some funny ones as well. I would recommend watching this if you have some extra free time to enjoy some of the fun stupidity that you may encounter while watching this.