Dec 6, 2017
Killua_Noragami (All reviews)
"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"

I laught every time Okabe says that.

This is a story of a guy that really makes the world his one fantasy and people go along with it. From organizations working in the shadow, talking to the phone all by himself like nobody knows or just creating storys out of nowhere and he´s just so damm funny, really for me is the funniest caracter i ever seen in an anime, so silly but creative at the same time.

So talking about the story it starts very slowly, it´s a slow progress but the thing is that i didn´t mind. The caracters are so carismatic and enjoyable and their relacionships are so well constructed that i was glad that the progression was made that way, in a time where every thing is fast, everything is done in a hurry up status, steins/gate takes the time for you to care about the caracters in the story and really apreciate their relations with each other. And for me this is the primary point for steins/gate success, BECAUSE YOU CARE, you really care about them and that makes everything greater, every plot twist more suprising and every tragedy more sad and dramatic. It´s difficult to make an anime starting slow but engaging people in a away people that they can´t stop watching even with low progress and this series does that in a brilliant way.

Story 9/10
The theme of the show is time travel a theme that i don´t enjoy that much because usualy writers or director stend to over complexify and they start to lose the story, but steins/gate does a wonderful job at handling that, everything is explained in a simple and not exaustive way, they explain when they have to and no more. In the first episodes after he saves Christina (i like to call her that way) i was kind of worried where the story could go because i didn´t wanted to be like they go back to the past and save the world or something basic like that. Instead of that Okarin (Okabe) changes somethings by sending messages to the past and only him can remember how the world was before he send the texts. That was an unique approach that make me really happy

And of course without telling any spoiler in the middle of the show some big thing happens because of that changes and Okabe has to reverse them to go back to normal. The thing is that he needs to reverse a thing that i really didn´t remember he had change and it was just a mindblower. I was watching and thinking oh no poor guy. And he´s my guy so i was really sad.

Art 8/10
The art is nothing special really, it´s simple and done well enought, it´s not some space travel story with over the top effects and spaceships and i´m glad it isn´t.

Sound 8/10
It has good music for the moments of more dramatic effects, don´t like the entry music.

Character 10/10
The best part of the show. The main characte is carismatic, funny, cares about people and shows a serious side because of the thing that happen to him that is really good to see, he´s a very positive and cofident guy but he turns sad because of things that happen and that´s nice to see he is human, he thinks to give up and make a mess out of thing and doesn´t know how to act in certain places or moments. He became one of my favorite characters in just a few episodes so just for him this anime is worth watching. The supporting roles are awesome too, Mayuri is the absolutely sweetest thing ever tuturu!! and she´s sweet whithout being annoying or force, she´s just sweet i love her. Christina is a really great partner to Okabe she´s smart and funny even if she doesn´t want to be because she is a genius and trys to be a very serious person. I just don´t like moebe.

Enjoyment 10/10
Just watch it is great really!!!!!!