Dec 6, 2017
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>Mild spoilers<

Story [9/10]
The story of Hirune Hime was unique and delivered in a respectable manner; not too overly confusing and paced well enough for the viewer to start connecting points after a certain time.
The ending isn't particularly ambiguous in my view (the Collosus could be human-operated technology/resilience while "magic" is the advent of automation).
My only major gripes with the story and its transitions is Morio immediately accepting the situation and barely questioning anything and Kokone's great escape being a bit awkward.

Art [9/10] *The point I enjoyed most about the movie.
The artstyle here isn't your standard anime style of drawing characters, I felt that the characters had a bit of detail sacrificed (shadow and lighting) and gained at the same time with more facial features. Scenery is extremely well done and detailed here, I appreciated it all the way throughout the movie. The final ending pan gave a bit of life into the town they live in, which is a really nice touch.

Sound [7/10]
It's good, not much to say here as it's just good and borderline average, or not memorable as I heard it. I don't think it detracts from the movie at all and the OST does its job sufficiently in setting some tone.
I think some of the VAs, mainly Kokone and more noticeable with Morio, a bit raw with their performances, but it was still good. I didn't want to not hear them talk, it was more along the lines of noticing some small thing about their voices.

Character [6/10]
This is a really story/plot heavy movie, so character development and exposition is low. Sure you get to know everyone is by the end, but their motivations to act are kind of generic or not really memorable; slight exceptions can be made for Momotaro. With that being said, you don't really grow to dislike or like much of the cast because of how little you know or relate to them.

Enjoyment [9/10]
The story and art are the most memorable parts, I just personally found them to be very appealing. Really liked the way the two worlds combined in the end, the fantastic art/visuals reinforced the imagery of everything. I wouldn't mind rewatching; this story lends itself well to rewatches given that not everything's explicit to the viewer.

I don't think everyone will enjoy this, not everyone's interpretation of the story will be the same and thus the conclusion they draw may lead them to believe it wasn't that good. However, I think it's worth a watch for most people as it's trying something different.