Dec 6, 2017
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Inuyashiki is an odd show by today's shonen standards. Looking at the show's synopsis, I wasn't sure how the show would progress with an old man as the protagonist. Well, was I pleasantly surprised.

Plot: 6/10
The story takes place in a typical Japanese city, where our protagonist, Inuyashiki Ichirou is down on his luck. However, one day, he is miraculously transformed into a "cyborg" and, decides to become a hero of justice. Despite it seemingly a generic and typical premise, it just works. One issue with the story I find is that the pacing is a little sporadic. It feels rushed and fast paced in the beginning, but drastically slows down in the middle of the show. A lot of issues with how the story and how its world is fleshed out. There any many moments where plot-convenience situations occur, and disrupts the realism of the show.

Art: 8/10
Sound 8/10
The show's shining aspect to it is it's use of art and sound in creating a down-to-earth show. Using voice actors that sound like humans, unlike most other shows, and having an odd art style that, although causing many characters to look somewhat unappealing, truly feels refreshing and realistic. It's as this happened in real life.

Characters: 9/10
Speaking of realism, the way the show portrays its characters is nothing short of brilliance. The antagonist, Hiro, is similar to Inuyashiki's scenario, both have been transformed into a robotic machine, however he has gone down the route of chaos and murder. Yet both Inuyashiki and Hiro have the same reason for their actions - to feel human in their robotic body. This core idea ties them together, and creates deep, three-dimensional characters. The show spends much needed time on characterising them - how Hiro likes Jump manga (especially One Piece), and how Inuyashiki likes pets and hates the violence and evil in the world. This method of making the characters relatable make them feel human. Many of the show's minor characters make you feel sympathetic for their situations. Nearly crying over someone I've seen for 10 minutes is impressive, and it's all due to how relatable and realistic the characters are.

The overarching theme of the show can be seen of a subversion nature. It's not cookie-cutter good vs evil, Inuyashiki vs Hiro, as both characters had shown both good and evil. It's not a story about prevailing justice or corrupt evil, but a story of finding your human side. The writers clearly tried to show how good and evil aren't necessarily opposites, but the same in unity.

Enjoyment: 7/10
Overall, the show is quite a piece. If you're into horror, or just want some dark action, this show is the one you want to watch. Full of gore, feelsy moments and relatable human characters, this show is a must watch.

Overall: 7/10