Dec 6, 2017
Arvanitis (All reviews)
First of all, I'll have to say that although I'm a huge anime fan, my mean score is 5.58. Which means that a 5/10 is not actually a bad rating. This is my first review, so feel free to send me some friendly advice on what to do better on my next one.

In my opinion, this show's plot is interesting and it could have been a success, if it was well-executed. The female MC (Ririchiyo) is a girl from a rich family who is half-human/half-youkai. Her introvert personality combined with her anxiety to face other people made her decide to move to "Maison de Ayakashi", a house where she'd thought she'd live alone and undisturbed. Good for her, she meets other half-human/half-youkai people and this is a crucial change for her life. Her relationship with Miketsukami, a human who can transform to a dog-youkai, is the most important part of the anime. Although I love youkai in anime and I also found the plot's concept good, I'll now explain why this anime didn't get a higher grade by me.

Character: 3/10

The main characters in this show (Ririchiyo and Miketsukami) have interesting background stories and their character development is nice. On the contrary, the side characters are what make this anime go "wtf". Most of them are basically "hentais". There's an eccentric narcissist (Kagerou), a girl who eats food all the time (Roromiya), the tiny boy who loves her and has many insecurities about his size and his youkai form - which is a tiny racoon - (Watanuki), a gay gossiper bunny-youkai (Natsume), a trans "maid" guy, a fashion maniac etc. For me, these guy totally spoil the character part of the anime.

Story: 5/10

Although the plot is nice and the 11th episode is amazing, the development is mediocre. The pros in the story are that some youkai were shown to us and some info about them in good scenes as the main characters faced them, that there was a good main character development - and that the stories of Ririchiyo and Miketsukami were nice - and that the ending was great. The cons are that the biggest part of the anime was focused on the side characters and we saw their awkward behavior and their problematic personalities for no special reason.

Sound: 6/10

The opening song was great, and it was also well-put in the last episodes as an ending song. Most of the ending songs were not my type, but it was an innovative idea to create a different ending in every episode for a different character. The voice acting was good in general, except some few roles, and the OST was nice.

Art: 6/10

Most of the characters were drawn really well. The color combinations, the scenery and the youkai transformations were good as well. What was poor were some chibi drawings at the end of the episodes which had no importance at all and just made us waste time and some characters' appearance like the maid guy's who was like a robot and the trans maid one's (I mean wtf >_< )

Enjoyment: 5/10

I personally really enjoyed the ending of the story at the 11th episode and I even shed a tear, I enjoyed the art and the youkai transformations and I also enjoyed the development of the Inu x Boku relationship. What made me bored were some really bad jokes which never made me laugh, some fan service and some unimportant focus on the side characters.

Overall: 5/10

*I'd like to add that the coefficient of every separate rating I gave (Enjoyment, Art etc) is not the same and some matter more than some other ones. My overall rating just happened to be the same as the mean score of the other 5.