Dec 5, 2017
Colorly (All reviews)
This review is going to be short as possible and try to explain why this anime is fucking horrible.
I don't even need to break down in different sections to explain how bad this anime is. The story is pretty much your run down the mill trying to be achieve high status so people can praise him. It's similar on how Naruto wants to be Hokage while Asta trying to be the wizard king. The fucking story is bland and it's literally FAR from original. Unlike Naruto, Asta is fucking pitifully annoying always running around and screaming like a maniac at least 100 times in every episode. Also get's a pretty much OP sword which him cuts magic and pretty much win everything. It's poorly executed even for a Shounen anime. It tries so hard to mask and act like it's Naruto but just x100 shitty version of it. Flashbacks in like almost every episode which tries to give character development but literally actually do the opposite rending the character looks bland and useless. The voice acting for Asta is dreadful. It's trying so hard to be Naruto and TRYING so hard to appeal to the younger audience fans. There's nothing special or even unique in the characters. They're all BLAND BLAND BLAND BLAND. I did not enjoy one second of this anime, I honestly thought this series will shine some light through the Shounen genre just like Academia did but this is probably one of the worst Shounen series there is. People who rates this garbage 7 to 10 is people who blindly watching it, a child, literally barely watches any anime, or don't care about plots but OP main hero that wins everything.

This anime is fucking horrible. People who rates any higher than even a 3 should honestly feel bad. Please don't tell me either to read the manga. I already did and it's just as bad as the anime. Bland story, Art looks horrible, Horrible voice actors, and garbage character developments. 1/10 Trash. Just pure trash.

For people that's sending me hate or writing on my profile. Let me make this clear. I don't care how you feel. I don't care so don't bother writing on my profile. I literally don't care about how you feel. So take your shit somewhere else lol. I'm literally being straight up here.