Dec 5, 2017
Jamada (All reviews)
Note: Only the first chapter seemed to be available. I also did a quick search for the raws for the other 5 chapters, but didn't see anything. Can't exactly request a translation to be completed when the raws aren't even available. :(

At the very least, the one chapter that was available featured Shigure (which I very much appreciate). Don't worry about there being a cliffhanger, because it's a standalone chapter. Nothing heavy, just a lighthearted story.

If you're a fan of Shigure, check it out. Even if Shigure isn't your favorite, it should still appeal to fans of HSDK.

(Extra characters for a longer review: the story is similar to a lighthearted chapter of HSDK, the art is what you'd expect, the characters are what you'd expect, the enjoyment is pretty much what you'd expect. Overall, it's about what you'd expect of a HSDK side-story.)