Dec 5, 2017
kaizokuluffy01 (All reviews)
before i begin this review i want to make something clear. Black clover is full of clichés and so many similarities to other anime, but is that really a reason to hate it ? Even with the clichés and similarities it still has it's own vibe.

What makes it enjoyable, i'm gonna make this as short as possible. ( ignoring the similarities and clichés )

Story : 7

A world of magic and a boy named Asta who is magicless and wants to become the hero that once saved humankind, the wizard king, this is the road he's taking to achieve his dream along with his rival Yuno a talented boy that have the same dream. Well, sounds very interesting.

Art : 7

The animation is so good, the characters, abilities, fights, etc...

Sound : 7

The background music fits the style of the anime, and the abilities and stuff, even though Asta screams alot, that's his nature, he's annoying, and you can't blame the voice actor because he had no choice but to sound like that and he's new to the domain... maybe that's gonna get good in time.

Character : 7

The characters are awesome, especially Asta and Yuno, Asta is a hardworker and doesn't give up and Yuno is talented but is a hardworker too, and both of them are trying their best to achieve their goals. they're not your typical rivals, Asta wants to catch up to Yuno because he's talented and Yuno doesn't look down on Asta just because he's talentless, they hold each other in great regard... and so much more interesting characters.

Enjoyment : 7

I find this series really enjoyable, the action, the characters, the development... you can feel that vibe, it's own vibe.

Overall : 7

i love shounen animes, i'm a big fan of them, but let me tell you this. as you watch one piece as one piece, and naruto as naruto, and bleach as bleach, and fairy tail as fairy tail, and many animes as those many animes, try to watch black clover as black clover. It's not the best out there, yeah we know it, and it's your typical shounen anime don't get your expectations too high, but, ignore the possibilities that it's a rip-off and the similarities ( not that it's bad though ) and watch it, and you'll see, you will enjoy it, it's really good.