Dec 4, 2017
64bitAnthony (All reviews)
I'm not some reviewer and i can't even a write good enough review to make people read this manga . I will admit that these short 32 chapters were one of the most fun things that i have read in quite a while .

I felt ;
Overly joyed to the point that makes me question myself that why i didn't start reading Romcom manga earlier . ( I guess i should be regretting a bit but who cares , this gem of a manga is a literal gem)
I think that made it clear that i loved it , if the scores didn't already indicate that .

The misunderstandings over misunderstandings that happened over the span of the series was both frustrating and enjoyable . I don't know how to express that in any other way other than to type that twist and turns me go "AHHHHH".... "FAAAK" .. "DAMN IT OUJI ..GET IT ALREADY THAT SHE IS A SHE ,FFS".
Usual girly reaction that girls makes when watching romcom shows . Yeah , pretty bad for the heart.

Should i even mention how adorable Shindou ( the MC ) really is ? Its not even funny how adorable she is .

( Does this even count as a legitimate "review"? I know the answer is a big "NO". Everyone does the normal reviews anyway )

I don't know what Wakabayashi-sensei's (author of Tsuredure Children, yeah) aim was when writing the character of Shindou other than the obvious Cinderella reference but damn she somehow managed to win my heart .

Lets not talk about our Prince/Ouji , he frustrated me to no end during the entire run of the manga. Don't mistake it for me finding him as a bad character ( coz he is not ) but if he was a real person i would smack some sense into him .

Other characters definitely contribute to this manga but if i talk about them on how well they fit in then i would go into Spoiler territory .

Loved the characters , loved how it progress , Didn't welcome the pacing at first but warmed up to it eventually .
Had a great time while reading it and that is seriously an underrated quality that people take for granted most of the time.

No, im not a reviewer just a person who wanted to express how he felt about this particular series .