Dec 4, 2017
llamax2duck (All reviews)
Shokugeki no Souma comes with the "just a cooking anime" stigma, which made me approach this anime with a certain level of doubt.

I breezed through the first two seasons during which, I had found the fan service a tad excessive; the focus had been more on the food and a couple of characters.

However, this third season is on a level of its own. The characters have grown in a promising manner, with the limelight being on emotions, passion, and competition. The show seems more mature, and the fan service has been been toned down.

The story is well articulated so far, and has kept the audience on its toes. It brings with it the right amount of spice, not overlooking the fact that it is, in fact a cooking Shounen anime.

The sound, animation, and flow are above average; the opening is a treat!

The bad : The only issue I have so far, is that this show seems to take after the a certain series about extraterrestrial super monkeys, and their drawn out fights. (Hold your horses!) What I mean, is that although a lot of things take place, the show seems to move at a very slow pace. This doesn't sit well with me, however, overall with the show being enjoyable, it can be overlooked.

I'm pleasantly surprised that I like Shokugeki no Souma, and this season definitely makes me want more each week.