Dec 3, 2017
This hentai has 2 episodes.These are the following genre:incest/onahole/anal/mastrubation.

The scores:


1)STORY-(EPISODE-1)The Mc goes to a mixer organised by his friend.
He is surprised to see his little sister among other girls who came for the
Mixer.but no knows that they are related.So they start playing kings included tasks such as showing boobs, becoming naked and
Mastrubating in front of everyone. after that the little sis is asked
Give blowjob to the m.c at first she refuses but then everyone force her.
Then the blowjob esclates to sex at this point no one even cares about
The game even the little sis fucks the m.c without giving second that's the first episode.

(EPISODE-2)The little sis in this episode wants to fuck her brother(older) but she's
Not honest about her feelings and acts rudely cause shes a big tsudere
she mastrubates fantasying about her brother.Then she porpusely
Makes a big hole in the wall I don't know how and
she mastrubates showing herself to m.c(older brother)
The m.c puts his dick through the hole then she sucks the dick pretending
That it's a mushroom growing on wall.later they engage in sex but only
Through the hole because the main genre of this episode is onahole.

2)SOUNDS-sounds are good so no complaints there.

3)ART-Art was really good.everything was drawn well except at some points where the pussy
Was bigger than hand.The animation was great all details were perfect like moving
Of boobs and reflection of light on the body.

OVERALL-The story was good the animation was great and it was not hardcore.if you like
Incest or onahole then you need to watch this.i hope you found my review helpful
Thanks for reading.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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