Dec 2, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Dubbed
Category: Comedy, Romance

Girl Power. A two worded segment to illustrate the impact presented in this special. Stays true to the original episode. Question one should be asking is why the special? Better yet what kind of special is it? I will try and answer to as long I can keep you up, your attention that is.

'why the special?'
To be honest it wasn't needed at all. The way the original ended was just fine. It provided comfort and didn't raise any questions. In terms of story it wasn't needed. No, the directors had something more dastardly in mind. It was made not as a follow up or check in but as a sneak peak. Apparently given the wording a sequel lies ahead. Not only that but implied threesome of the m/f/f variety the opposite of what the original had.

I didn't forget. You are curious as to the 'girl power' mention. Well aside from the sneak peak this special demonstrated an unbreakable bond for the two main characters. Given the female's ability to bend to what her partner wants makes him powerless to find another. Which speaks wonders on character ability and dedication.

Comedy aspect
Something about the nativity with the counter balance of hunger is wonderful.

Bare in mind the 'girl power' remark from earlier. The main character is set up to match a perplexing multi changing personality. Quite similar to most modern girls(don't tell that... i will deny it. I have enough troubles don't need any more *knock knock* Who told? Sh@^!) You are treated to sweet innocent voice as well a cool dominate voice without that gruff.