Nov 30, 2017
Zerozaki_Kuro (All reviews)
After watching ping pong i said to myself "Hey why don't i share my opinion about this" and that's why i'm here. There will be spoilers ahead and i really recommend you watch it first before reading this review.

Ping Pong The Animation an anime about, you guessed it ping pong what a surprise. Actually you are half correct the show is about ping pong but its just a platform used to tell the stories of each character. Rather than focus on the two main characters, the show itself focuses on almost all characters mostly the ping pong players. As each character's story are told you get more deep and strong connection to them whether they are trying to achieve something or trying to prove there worth to others.

At first the art of ping pong is not very appealing, But as soon as i watched the show i realized this that each of the art and character design were very fitting for each of them. Now this spark a great debate back then in 2014 whether animation is important or not, now in my opinion anime doesn't need to have a good animation or action scenes all they need is a story that people will understand and keep them listening. Take example of the Monogatari Series, Monogatari Series is Heavy Dialogue Based Story as most part of the show is just talking but once you gone through that barrier you will be immersed in the story and how the characters interact with each other and how they build the world of the story. As to what i'm saying with Ping Pong is that you don't need something appealing to be something good its basically like jotaro's stand Star Platinum from JOJO's Bizarre adventure looks ridiculous but is fucking bad-ass. Not everything has to look amazing in order to be called a masterpiece and that's what Ping Pong tells us. As the animation was all perfect for each character as each of it was basically describing their personality and emotions from character design to atmosphere. Here is my opinion, the animation is the outstanding thing I've seen in an anime sports ever.

The soundtrack of the anime itself is basically outstanding from Bakudan Johnny's hype building opening to Merengue's soothing ending theme. All of the soundtrack weren't out of place at all mostly i'm gonna give credit the most is the Japanese children's song used at the final episode in peco and smile's match. Palm in the Sun this is the title of the song used in that scene and the way they used it is amazing as it show each character from just being a baby to elementary student playing ping pong, as this scene shows each character growing up playing the sports they known to love it shows each character's compassion to ping pong and how its not just a sports to them nor a game as its one of the things they've known to love. This scene also shows Smile's growth through out the entire show and his life as he learns to accept his emotions rather than to use it in a strategical way. this scene particularly is the greatest part of the anime and the soundtrack just made it 50% better having the greatest conclusion in anime not leaving the viewers unsatisfied.

Ping Pong has one of the most greatest character development, as each of the characters has different drives, different ambition as it show a great realistic look at the real world itself showing how far you would go to achieve your dreams and aspirations. There was not a single protagonist nor antagonist as each of the character's life is seen as we watch them grow and watch them win in ping pong. I personally have grown attached to all characters whether they win or lose as all characters learn something valuable in each of their lives whether its to learn to smile or to accept defeat.

Watching a game of Ping Pong could never be this entertaining as not just we learn how the game works but also we learn more things about characters and relate to them. Tatsunoko Production especially Director Yuasa, Masaaki did a fantastic job of representing the character's emotion and personality, each scene of the anime was neither bland or just out of place. After watching this i not just learn that Ping Pong is great sport but as how it is needed to be taken by some younger generations seriously as the seriousness of the players and how much pressure and training they do in their everyday lives.

Ping Pong The Animation was an underrated anime due to its unappealing animation but as you watch the show you will learn how amazing the anime itself with its very relatable characters, amazing dialogue and just outstanding scenes of games of ping pong itself each of the characters are truly relatable whether you are an athlete of the sports itself or just a normal anime fan. I truly recommend this anime to those who are in to sports anime or looking for something different this anime is a total new experience for people who are looking for something different.

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