Nov 28, 2017
Hokumi (All reviews)
This is a good anime so far, this is why I'm still watching it. I like the whole world that was created, but the story doesn't seem to convince me. The characters, specially Chise, are very shallow. And her, as the main character, should be a little more explored. EDIT (ep 10): she is finally getting herself more prominent in the narrative - finally! And I also watched the OVA for this series that explores her past much more and explains her future actions.
Another thing that bothers me is that many things are left with no further explanation, I think this is cool to do with a thing or two but every episode you are left with a big question mark about something that happened.
Despite these things that I didn't like, I loved both the opening and ending themes, they're just lovely. The animation, and the world that was created are amazing as well.
I hope it gets better in the next episodes, so I'll come here again and rewrite this review, because I really want to enjoy it.