Nov 26, 2017
TheCompletionist (All reviews)
*Minor Spoilers Warning*

With regards to the second season of Ah My Goddess; does it really do anything new or exciting to make it better than the first season of ah my goddess? Unfortunately
not, but it doesn't do anything worse either. It's pretty much the same thing as you would expect from the first season but some aspects of the storytelling are much more frequent while other aspects of the storytelling are less frequent.

In this second season, Belldandy and Keichi have been together for a year and despite this season not having an overall focal point, not even at the very end of the second season. It still takes its time with establishing the relationship between the Keichi and Belldnady because even though they are very well aware of their feelings for each other they still struggle to vocalize those feelings which may be frustrating to people who want to watch the show and see the relationship reach the next level. If your expecting to see the relationship reach the next level then your going to be sorely disappointed but despite the slow pace of the developing relationship it doesn't really detract from what makes the series so enjoyable.

This second season does have an overall theme of conflict and what I mean by that is the majority of the episodes of this series focuses on seeing and exploiting the weaknesses of Keichi's and Belldandy's relationship. As flawless as we all see character Belldandy, we get to see some of the character flaws that she has, especially on the feeling of jealousy because there are several attempts that are made to disrupt the relationship between Keichi and Belldandy. There are several occasions throughout the entire season where a competing love interest is brought in in order to provide conflict in Belldandy's and Keichi's relationship. This is in the form of another Goddess by the name of Peorth from the Earth Help Center that Keichi calls accidentally and Hild who is known as the leader of Demonkind and is also Urd's mother. In a way, these new characters add some very much needed depth into the series and while they can act as a thorn with regards to the relationship between Keichi and Belldandy they are needed and their contributions to the overall plot of this series does ultimately help the evolution of the relationship between Belldandy and Keichi. With regards to the conflict our typical antagonists from the first season are still present in the second season of this series such as Sayoko, Toshiyuki, and Marller but they don't show up nowhere near as often as what they did in the first season.

One of the biggest surprises that I found with the second season of this series compared to the very first season is that there is very little action in the second season of this series compared to the first but overall action is not really needed to strengthen this series, so if your expecting some action set pieces in the second season of this anime than your going to be incredibly disappointed. The lack of action in the second season of ah my goddess is more than made up by the amount of comedy in this series. The second season is absolutely hilarious especially when you have Keichi put in one embarrassing situation after another especially when other females start to take a liking to him. We also get to see Belldandy get drunk when she drinks Cola which leads to some awesome hilarity. It's the sheer amount of hilarity that this anime has is what keeps the pacing of this anime very consistent even though every once in a while it can still have that ability to have a very few heartfelt episodes as well.

Urd and Skuld still have their moments to shine in this series as well. Their tiny little story arcs throughout the second season give us a much needed break from overall progression of Belldandy's and Keichi's relationship which can get a little frustrating from time to time. We get to see small plot points such as Skuld getting her very own angel, Urd being split into two beings because of her angel and demon half, and seeing some insight into urd's love life. Even side characters that didn't have much screen time in the first season of this anime, get their time to shine in the second season of this anime. We even get to see some history of the auto club.

The art is still beautiful in this series, but unfortunately I did not find the music memorable in the second season.

Keichi's and Belldandy's relationship is still quite endearing to watch despite how slowly paced it is, but regardless of how slow the progression of their relationship is, it is still ultimately the foundation of this entire anime and it is still enjoyable to watch. It is a nice feeling to watch them work out their problems and have their heart to heart conversations and there are quite a few touching moments in this entire anime. Belldandy's caring and patient nature is always refreshing to see and she is always the type of person to always see the good of any situation regardless if she loses her goddess license or even becomes a demon for a short amount of time. Thankfully Keichi's akwardness and shyness is a perfect match for belldandy's natural ability to be kind and thoughtful.

Overall, the second season of ah my goddess is a perfect companion piece to the first season but it may sour some viewers based on the fact that not much progress has been made with Keichi's & Belldandy's relationship. However, it is still an enjoyable watch with a good mix of humour and heartfelt moments which contributes to the excellent sense of pacing that the second season of this series has as a whole.

Favourite Character: Belldandy
Least Favourite Character: Skuld

8/10 (I Recommend it.)