Nov 25, 2017
Harctor (All reviews)
This anime is a pleasant surprise.

It's got a rather simple plot but I find myself fully engaged in it. The characters while not too full of depth are likable and quirky, and they are very genuine. The one thing that sets this show apart from others is that the characters say what's on their mind and that's the real big selling point for me. It's extremely refreshing to not get frustrated because the characters spend 10 dam episodes to say what you know they're going to say but they just delay it to extend the plot. The plot here flows really well and the characters developments are paced excellently. There were many moments where the questions a certain character asked and the confessions they expressed could have been delayed, but they just came right out and got on with it. I could relate with everything they said and the way they did things. Not once did I feel the characters were being overly dramatic or childish, but I guess that's what happens when the characters aren't teens in a damn school, right? I wish more anime did all of this.

It is indeed for the most part set in an MMO world, but the MMO world is merely just a way for the characters to meet each other and then interact in real life. I think the MMO setting is really well done. It's not forced and it makes sense because the MC becomes unemployed and ends up playing this MMO. There is very little exposition about the game itself, which is great because that's not what this is about. It's just a scenario for the characters to meet and talk to each other, and then transfer that over to real life. Think of it as any other group activity. The only thing the MMO scenario is really relevant for is how the characters play different genders to what they are in real life, and that adds quite a bit to the humor, plot and development of the characters.

It becomes quite clear what's going to happen with the two main characters. The way their relationship unfolds and evolves is done in a very simple way but it's crafted really well and is relatable. I won't spoil anything but it just flows as you expect and the scenarios they are involved in don't feel too forced. The whole idea of the characters actually saying what's on their mind just makes this anime great due to that fact alone.

Overall, it's a refreshing anime with genuine characters. There are some chuckle worthy moments and some cute animations. It's charm is how down to earth it is.