Nov 25, 2017
MaggiePotatochan (All reviews)
Going straight to the point, now that everything is fresh in my head:

I'm going to start by saying that I was watching two animes at the same time: Kuzu no honkai and Tsuki ga kirei.

Tsuki ga kirei is a warm comforting blanket that wraps you in a cold rainy night. It's a romance with not much drama, slow pace and adorable moments. I didn't feel like the pace was annoying because the whole story is structured in a way that you just acknowledge from the beginning this isn't some raging passion between two steamy teenagers but a pure, innocent, and very much real love slowly growing between two very nice kids.

Story: 9
it makes sense, it has coherence, it has realism, and is refreshing to see this slice of life put into animation. I didn't feel bored even with the slow pace. And I even felt some gut-wrenching moments in one or two episodes.

Art: 5
This was the only thing I need to point out that... it was VERY bad. I understand the simplicity but the digital animations were horrible and the characters were too flat! The light/shadow ratio was absolutely terrible.

Sound: 6
Meh. Nothing I'll remember.

Characters: 7
I like the characters because of their simplicity. There were times where you'll probably wish to see a bit more into other character's lives but I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with the overall thing.

Enjoyment: 8
If you are a hardcore masochist who is into NTR and can't stand to see a happy end and no painful twists that shatter your soul *cough* (kuzu no honkai) *cough*, this will not satisfy you :D But if you want to watch something beautiful (not the animation, the story, THE STORY) and pure-hearted, definitely watch this! Watch it while drinking a cup of warm chocolate and you'll feel that the universe and this world are kind, are good, and that Mondays aren't so bad after all.

Overall: Watch it. It's lovely.