Nov 24, 2017
esaoud (All reviews)
The art and sound quality are top notch, but that is basically all the show has to offer. The entire series is lacking any conflict or extensive developments, which were far and away the best parts of the show. The sister's arrival and the magical phenomena (the mandrake, burning the hair, the black and white river) were the best parts, but overall the series came and went and literally it was just a bunch of characters in a room talking about obvious and/or dull things with almost every other sentence ending in sugoi! (amazing) or eehhhh! They would call such random things amazing. Oh you own a liquor store, or can spin around in a circle, or like to eat fried herbs, or can make curry? Amazing!

That dynamic definitely enhanced the feeling the show gave off of just shallow, fake characters. Everybody was too happy basically all the time, and people would get excited over weird things. Three middle school boys were literally looking at a cat in a tree and say "Amazing, that cat is so cool." That just feels dumb to me.

I only finished the show because I'm a completionist and because I wanted to see if they would actually make some type of plot with the reason she moved there (to train as a witch). Spoiler, they don't. Not well at least. So yeah, bad show