Nov 22, 2017
Love_Lies (All reviews)
Mahoutsukai no Yome, also known as the ancient Magus Bride, is a masterpiece. The world of this show is full of mystery and goes into depth more than just one or two times. However, if you are a new anime watcher, I don't recommend this as a show to start with. My reasoning for that is the story can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming - some people may also find certain situations unnecessary or "wrong" when if looked upon from my standpoint, is not true. Every detail in this show means something and I am excited to see more.

The plot for "The Ancient Magus Bride" is both simple, and not at the same time. Chise Hatori has been able to see mysterious beings every since her young childhood. After losing her mother, she is tossed between different relatives, unable to find a home due to the fact everyone believe something is wrong with her. Now that she has grown up, she has lost any sense of attachment to this world. After meeting a strange man, she signs a contract and is held at an auction. All Chise cared about was having a place she could return to and call "home." There. Elias appears, a tall man covered in black clothing, his head replaced with an animal shaped skull. He is revealed to be a Mage, and had bought Chise to be his apprentice, as well as his future bride.
The story does not reveal itself right away, and that's because we are learning along with the main character, Chise, This can frustrate people at times, as they are confused, however the author does this on purpose. There are certain things that are to be revealed at a later time, so it is important to be patient with this series and to pay close attention to it. From my experience, I am captivated by how there is so much to this world, that it is practically impossible to just explain flat out. So instead, lay back and enjoy as the story unfolds.

The art has a unique style to it. The characters have there own traits that make them distinguishable from each other. Most anime's have "same face syndrome," where take away the hair and eye color and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The Ancient Magus Bride instead has many different styles, but also many different expressions that are able to shine a light on the characters and their demeanor.

This probably takes the cake out of all the categories. The opening first comes with a different style and amazing vocals by Junna. To calm us from the experience afterwards, we have the soothing voice of Hana Itoki. However the OSTs during the show blow me a way. They went all out, with personalized tracks for side stories or characters. In only the 7 episodes I've watched, I have fell in love with each and every song.
The voice actors are also able to convey their emotions, and I'm really fond of both Elias's and Chise's voice actors. Chise can be a hard character to pull off, she's both numb from the pain of her past and yet is loyal as she does her best to please Elias. Elias is unable to show expressions as he has no proper face - this means all the emotions are in the tone and delivery of a line. His voice makes me able to see expressions that aren't there, which only helps make me emphasize more with Elias.

Sort of as a continuation of before, the main characters are unique and compliment each other perfectly. Neither are perfect, and both are unsure of the other, and yet they both compliment each other like to other. Elias, while he may have ulterior motives, still tries to give Chise what he believe she wants. And Chise, just glad to have a home and someone to call family, is willing to stay by his side and give him the companionship he needs. In only 7 episodes, I've seen both grow as people and open up more overtime. The supporting cast always holds a presence, whether its the neighbors, angelica, silky, etc. They all serve a role and show that frequently. Even characters that may be there for only one or two episodes became unforgettable to me. However as for antagonists, I am not completely sure yet as we haven't gotten much information on them. Therefore I have to leave this a little in the open.

Personally, I've watched the released episodes multiple times. I am completely trapped in this world and am trying to head off to the manga. My life is consumed into the show and I am finding myself watching the episode countdown.

This show can be a challenging watch, but its worth it. Put aside everything for about 25 minutes for one episode and you'll find yourself hooked. Give it a chance and make sure to give it the attention it deserves, otherwise you may get confused and drop a wonderful show. I hope this was helpful and I hope you enjoy the show just as much as I do.