Nov 21, 2017
DarkRavie (All reviews)
Note: This review is for Vandread and Vandread Second Stage.

Life sucks for Hibiki Tokai. Raised on a planet filled with just men, he is taught that women are the enemy. Working to build war mecha, Hibiki dreams of something more and will do anything to find a way to prove his existence. To prove to his comrades that he isn't the loser and screw-up they think he tries to steal one of the mecha and then suddenly finds himself in the middle of a battle that brings him face to face with the enemy.

My thoughts:
Vandread and Vandread Second Stage is good. I do like the storyline but the character of Dita is very annoying especially when she goes around shouting Mr. Alien. Hibiki is a brash, selfish, annoying loud mouth that is clueless when it comes to his feelings and the feelings of others. It's really only in the last few chapters of Second Stage does he seem to grow up a bit. The fight scenes are good and there's only a touch of romance but if you like mecha and action, then these 2 anime are for you.